based in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil


Salvador is unique…

Have you, dear traveller, ever noticed how different places scattered across the face of the globe seem almost to exist in different universes? As if they were permeated throughout with something akin to 19th century luminiferous aether, unique, determined by that place’s history? It’s a trick of the mind’s light (I suppose), but looking out across the Baía de Todos os Santos to the great Recôncavo, and mindful of the fact that more slaves entered this bay than did slaves enter any port anywhere else in the world…if nothing else one is easily brought to the conclusion that one is in fact in a place quite unlike any other.

Many places in the world have their own variations of what Salvador and Bahia have… Tropical splendor, beaches, festivals (although Salvador’s carnival is another thing altogether), interesting local customs, places, food

But Salvador — and Bahia — because of their place in history — have something beyond these…stirring, powerful and profoundly moving. This is why we’re here. And if nothing else we hope to impart some wan reflection of what is, and has been, here.