Book Launch Party in Salvador’s Centro Histórico

Black Notebooks – 40 Years – Afro Literature for Everybody

Friday, May 18th, at the Museu Afro Brasileiro on Salvador’s Terreiro de Jesus in the Centro Histórico, from 6 p.m. (note: most things in Bahia tend to get started sometime after their official starting time).

Short stories based in the daily life of Afro-Brazilians.

This is the 40th edition in the 40th year since this series came to life in 1978, featuring 42 authors including 8 baianos (Bahians). The book is 40 reais.

There will be a pocket show by Juraci Tavares, writer, philosopher, professor, and composer of music for blocos afros/afoxés Ilê Aiyê, Malê de Balê, Cortejo Afro, Filhos de Gandhy and others.

The Museu Afro Brasileiro is to rear right there, behind The Hot 8 who brought brilliant Second Line to Salvador from Salvador’s spiritually-connected brother-and-sister city New Orleans.