Choro on Thursday Nights in Salvador

There was a period there where a music lover not knowing what to do or where to go on Wednesday nights in Salvador could head to Casa da Mãe in Rio Vermelho and there would be a great and happening roda de choro.

Now it appears that, for however long this period will extend itself, the standard has turned to Thursday, where choro group Patuscada plays their own beautiful arrangements of classics and new material (at Casa da Mãe, in the Salvador neighborhood of Rio Vermelho, on the Orla (coast road) just across this road from the north end of the Praia da Yemanjá).

From 10 p.m. or so. 10 reais cover. Food and drinks on the premises.

Patuscada is Elisa Goritzki: flauta, Daniel Velloso: violão 7 cordas, Dudu Reis: cavaco, Reinaldo Boaventura: pandeiro, Gel Barbosa: sanfona.