Harlem and Bahia in Beautiful Commonality

The New York Times has an article about photographer Gerald Cyrus who spent some six years photographing jazz clubs in Harlem in the ’90s and who makes a distinction between the downtown clubs — where there was a definite line of separation between the audience and the musicians — and the uptown scene, where the line was blurred: “It was a much more communal atmosphere, like a house party.”

This is another one in the many analogues between jazz and samba, where in the Recôncavo and in the quintais (backyards, so to speak) everybody there is a part of the samba.

Lenox Lounge, Harlem 1966, Gerald Cyrus (grabbed from the Times article)

Mr. Cyrus has a book of photos entitled Stormy Monday: New York’s Uptown Jazz Scene. More info, including a fascinating description: http://www.geraldcyrus.com/Stormy_Monday.html