Augean Stables on the Salvador Peninsula

Moving the site from one domain and format to another. What was (hand-built beginning in 2001) became and is now (Why all the musical-chairs domain name changing? Because if we wanted to remain findable we had to bow graciously to what Google desires.) combined a guide to Salvador with what began as a form of Bahian musicians recommending Bahian musicians. This was the Musicodex, which I then merged into Salvador Central, and which is now Matrix 121 (as in one person to another person).

The Matrix now, in order to facilitate the discovery of great unknown Bahian musicians, allows anybody to recommend anybody for categories that people can set up for themselves (the categories should be arts-related or where those arts are centered). For example somebody could sign up and create for themselves categories “Guitar”, “Brazilian Jazz”, “Rio de Janeiro”, “Brazil”. Then they can be recommended (or curated) for such.

Open sesame!

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