We are based here in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

There’s No Place Like Salvador

There are certain countries, the names of which fire the popular imagination. Brazil is one of them; an amalgam of primitive and sophisticated, jungle and elegance, beating drums and luscious jazz harmonics — there’s no other place like it in the world.

And while Rio tends toward the more worldly and urbane end of the spectrum, Bahia — the state which encompasses and includes Salvador — tends toward the other, more atavistically African end…

Variations on and versions of much of what can be found in Salvador & environs can be found elsewhere: a tropical climate, beaches, festivals (although Salvador’s Carnival is another thing altogether), fascinating local customs and sites, food, history, music, dance.

But Salvador and Bahia — by virtue of the enormous weight of history they bear — go far beyond these merely: pulled, stirred, hefted, and ultimately borne by powerful and profoundly moving cultural currents.

If nothing else we hope to impart to you, unknown friend, some wan reflection of what makes up what is, in spite of vast travails and only by virtue of the beyond-resilient people here — past and present — one of the most enchanted places on earth.

Salvador Bahia Online’s Table of Contents

This is Not an Ordinary City Guide

We were the first online guide to Salvador, beginning as Bahia Online in 2001, morphing into Salvador Central (though to be truthful we prefer “Bahia”: for centuries the popular name for the city of Salvador, carrying much heavier ethereal cargo and pronounced like a sigh)…and now Salvador Bahia Online.

As the internet has evolved the big (corporate) kids have come along enabling just about anybody to play. So rather than be made redundant we have again morphed, becoming, rather than a mere guide, a matrix. The idea is to go deeper than other guides by virtue of the fact that we are here, while being part of something bigger…

Our Music and Arts Matrix 121

This is a matrix in the original meaning of “source”, from “mater”, Latin for “mother”.

It’s in a sense the polar opposite of earth-swallowing Facebook. While Facebook is about who you know, and keeping in touch and abreast, our matrix is about who you don’t know…and if you are somebody who creates something…about who doesn’t know you.

The matrix began with a conundrum:  Brilliant musicians in Bahia…out-of-this-world class…who cannot be found by the outside world-at-large. They will never be part of the corporate major-media complex (matrix?) which allows artists to become known (and more to the point, sold) worldwide. By what means then can we make it possible for an artist from Salvador or from the Bahian backlands to be findable from afar?

The answer (our answer anyway) is that we allow people to make connections to people. And those people to other people. And those people to yet other people. These connections are curations, and curations-in-series are worldlines. And worldlines can be followed.

For this to work best for poverty-stricken geniuses in Salvador, it should be all-inclusive in terms of arts and locale. Meaning that by allowing the entry of architects from Japan, and filmmakers in Paris, and writers in New Orleans…chuleiros (singers of African-Bahian samba) in Boca do Rio, Salvador and São Braz, Bahia are made more findable by more people from more places around the world.

Our matrix is a real mother for ya!

More explained here: www.matrix121.com

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